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Specialized Clinics

Specialized Clinics for Specific Rehabilitation Needs

Sometimes you need specialized care from those who focus solely on that area of rehabilitation. Our clinics ensure you get the best medical care and rehabilitative therapy from experts who have refined the treatment. The physicians and therapists from these clinics will partner with other MetroHealth providers to give you a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that improves your well-being and function.

Back & Neck Pain

Any pain that comes from the spine can affect your quality of life. Fortunately, moderate to severe back pain can often be treated with non-invasive treatment options, such as injections and physical/occupational therapy. MetroHealth’s Spine Center treats a variety of back, neck and spine conditions, whether complex, acute or chronic.

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Hip & Knee Pain

Total joint replacement, simple fractures, torn tendons and ligaments, sprains and strains—all of these affect your functionality and quality of life. We help individuals recover from these conditions by decreasing pain, increasing mobility and improving their range of motion.

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Stroke Care

Certified by The Joint Commission as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, we offer complete stroke services, from immediate onset through recovery. Our rehabilitation services provide comprehensive medical and therapeutic care to helps stroke survivors regain lost abilities.

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Hand & Upper Extremity Pain and Injury

Your fingers, hands, arms and shoulders are used for almost everything you do and are constantly in motion—until pain, numbness or disability brings them to a halt. The MetroHealth Hand and Upper Extremity Center provides expert care and diagnosis for complex hand, wrist, shoulder, elbow and nerve problems in adults and children.

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Sports Injuries

We provide immediate access to medical and rehabilitation providers trained in the evaluation and treatment of sports-related injuries. MetroHealth offers concussion clinics, injection therapy and more, and we work with pro athletes, professional teams and area high schools. MetroHealth Sports Medicine is available at the several locations: Beechwood Health Center, Broadview Heights, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland – Main Campus, Middleburg Heights, Parma and Westlake Health.

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Pain and Healing

Pain can be debilitating. Our multidisciplinary, comprehensive and holistic approach helps you manage your pain and maintain your quality of life. We evaluate your condition carefully and study all the available options, then tailor a treatment plan to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Common therapies include minimally invasive techniques, such as neuromodulation, as well as therapeutic injections, diagnostic nerve blocks and rhizotomy.

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Concussion Care

Our dedicated, interdisciplinary concussion team works together to make sure every patient gets the individualized care they need in either our Sport and Pediatric Concussion Clinic or our Adult Concussion Clinic.

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Spinal Cord Injury

Our outpatient program provides lifelong care for people with spinal cord injuries. Services may include spasticity management, functional electrical stimulation, wheelchair seating and more.

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Wheelchair Clinic

MetroHealth’s Wheelchair and Seating Clinic assists people of all ages, no matter the diagnosis. People come to us due to spinal cord or brain injuries, diseases like multiple sclerosis, or trouble using a walker without falling. Others may be receiving stroke rehab, trauma rehabilitation or amputee therapy.

How It Works

  • We perform a physical therapy evaluation, take measurements and ask about your daily activities.
  • We work with certified wheelchair vendors. There is always one present at the clinic to make recommendations and allow you to test-drive different models.
  • Our team helps you with the insurance paperwork required to cover the cost of your chair.
  • After you select and receive your wheelchair, our vendor conducts a home visit to make sure your equipment works for you there.

The clinic is led by an experienced physical therapist who is also a certified assistive technology provider. To learn more about our wheelchair clinic, call 216-778-4414.

Our Providers

At MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute, our team of specialized providers will work together to customize a personalized treatment to meet your individual needs.

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