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Stroke Recovery


MetroHealth is well-known for its acute emergency stroke care and critical care, and the MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute has the distinction of having the most experienced inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Unit in Northeast Ohio. We are leaders in development of new therapies for stroke rehabilitation, giving  patients access to treatments not available anywhere else. 

Best of the best

We are a Joint Commission-accredited Comprehensive Stroke Center—the highest level of stroke care certification in the United States.


We admit nearly 200 acute stroke patients annually. This experience results in efficient care—critical when time matters.

Specialized training

Our physicians, psychologists, nurses and therapists are all specialty-trained in stroke rehabilitation. We are experts in managing the complications of stroke, including paralysis, language difficulty, swallowing and emotional issues.

Cutting-edge research

We’re at the forefront of stroke rehabilitation research to stimulate muscle and nerve movement, recover motor skills and ease pain. Our research includes functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

After a stroke, physicians work to help you achieve the highest level of functioning possible. Our rehabilitation experts help stroke survivors regain lost abilities through physical, speech and occupational therapies. Additionally, doctors and nurses work together to help you prevent another stroke. We’ll help you control the risk factors that may contribute to another stroke.

Outpatient Stroke Care

We don’t say goodbye once patients go home. All of our patients are followed by our outpatient rehab team for at least a year after discharge. We’ll continue to provide stroke care through outpatient therapy, and you can also participate in research studies and a survivor group if appropriate.


Real Life Success Stories

Stories of Hope

Convenient, Accessible Location

The MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute is accessible from the highway and located near other Cleveland landmarks. We also have plenty of parking for your convenience.