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Brain Injury

MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute’s traumatic brain injury program was the first facility in Northeast Ohio to treat patients.

Brain injury cases that would be learning experiences elsewhere are routine for our staff, giving you the confidence that you’re at the best place for recovery. Our team consists of highly-trained doctors with certification in brain injury medicine and sports medicine, and our nurses and therapists only work with people who’ve suffered a brain injury. This is all we do, and we’re the best at it.

Region’s leader

We provide rehabilitation for brain injuries that are mild to severe. We’re focused on helping patients recover mobility, cognition and independence.

Carefully designed unit

Our dedicated unit is carefully managed to minimize sensory input and distractions and accommodate cognitive and behavioral changes that accompany brain injury.

Specialized therapies

We offer therapies for many of the conditions that accompany brain injury. These therapies may include gait training, visual perceptual therapy or methods to improve hand-eye coordination.

Specialized Patient Areas

We understand that brain injury patients have very specific needs. Our specialized unit is secured 24 hours a day and is under constant supervision.

  • Our patient rooms have adaptations tailored to the behavioral changes that often go along with brain injury.
  • The brain injury unit has a gym for physical and occupational therapy—it is kept quiet, and we limit access to just a few patients at a time to keep distractions low.
  • All speech therapies are also provided on the unit in quiet, private treatment rooms.

Real Life Success Stories

Stories of Hope

Convenient, Accessible Location

The MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute is accessible from the highway and located near other Cleveland landmarks. We also have plenty of parking for your convenience.